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I will work with you to ensure every element of your item fits the brief, from typeface choice, image placement and document layout.


I will check through the text of your item, correcting inconsistencies, wording and spelling. This service comes after editing.


I create my own RPG items, but if you would like to collaborate on a piece of work please do get in touch to discuss your ideas.

Best Service

I take care to help you make your work be as good as it can be, from the overall look to the content within.

Affordable Price

I try to ensure my prices are reasonable. There are several options available to choose between based on the service required.

Reasonable Time

I will discuss deadlines with you; the length of your work; and how long your work is likely to take to complete.
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Who I Am

I have been a lover of roleplay games since 2000, and have been proofreading and editing RPG books almost as long as this. I have worked with some great companies and individuals to ensure their labours of love are provided to the gamers in the best possible state, with as few errors as possible. I want to be able to help you with your work, so please do reach out and enquire about my services.

What My Customers Say

Jerrod Bacon

RPG Designer

White Hare Games helped me with my first adventure after making the jump to writing professionally. They are precise with their feedback and editing in a most comprehensive way! They also helped teach me the differences when the change seemed minimal, so I could better understand in the future!

Jacob Wood

RPG Designer

I used to be the sole editor for my zine, but after the first few issues it became apparent that I needed a second person to check my work.
Since hiring Sam to proofread Accessible Gaming Quarterly, the quality of the content has improved significantly. I can depend on him to catch everything from major issues to minor mistakes, and now I wouldn’t want to publish another issue without him.

My Clients

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