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Angus McKnack (Played by Rog)

Character Bio

Angus McKnack

Exalt Type Solar
Cast Twilight
Anima Banner Imagine the complicated gears of an elaborate clockwork rested on the horizon glistening in the light of the setting sun (Though Gadriel has appeared amongst the clockwork since Her appearance)

Angus is a craft master, but socially inept. A stout, stubborn, cantankerous man, Angus has a mysterious origin. Often misunderstood as greedy, Angus' only selfish desire is for the necessary materials to craft and the wisdom of how to craft anything perfectly. He is naively quick to trust and to chose people as friends but, is fiercely loyal and utterly unforgiving of betrayal. He is so consumed by his craft he failed to learn how to understand how complex people really are and thus is quick to sum up their obvious strengths and weaknesses and assumes they focus on those things like he does his crafts. Angus also has a revulsion for the idea of slavery and fails to understand why people fear those whose appearance has been twisted by the Wyld.

Pre-game history

His earliest memories are of wandering lost through a vast desert, seeking shelter at night in rocky outcroppings. After several days of walking, and nearly succumbing to the elements, Angus found himself fixated on a small clockwork object made of orichalcum, desperate to understand its inner workings. While distracted Angus was discovered by the man who would rescue him, one known as Harkune Pennywise. After rescuing Angus “Master Pennywise” took the boy in as if he were his own son and raised him as a smith in Chiaroscuro. Angus excelled at any craft he was taught and quickly became a source of wealth thanks to the business talents of his brother, Filbert Pennywise. One day Angus was told by Filbert that he had a job to do with a man named Matsumoto and that's where his story begins in our lore.

Angus' true origin has been hinted at laying dormant in his memories, but he is as of yet unaware of the full story. 1)

Hired / Indentured to Matsumoto Angus's mentor was Harkune Pennywise. He had a son, Filbert Pennywise and they grew up together, as if as brothers.


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[Neither is Rog, who plays him.]
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