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Nanagi Kamlyn (Played by Gondain)

Nanagi Kamlyn

Character Bio

Exalt Type Solar
Cast Dawn
Anima Banner Chrysanthemum Sunrise

Song Entry: “Kamlyn the Great” Episode #016

“Kamlyn the Great, Ohhhhh! Kamlyn the Awesome, Yoo ho! Kills many foes; turns bodies to blossoms.”


Sword Style: “Musō Shinden-ryū”(Martial Arts, Single Point Shining into the Void)

The radiant sun

A flash of the shining blade

My soul exalted

Kamlyn appears to be about average height. He has dark hair, tied back in a pony tail, brown eyes and lightly tanned skin. Kamlyn is depicted as a fairly strong man with a slender yet toned frame. He is usually shown with a straw hat and dark brown outer robe over his blue inner robe. A red silk belt is fastened around his waist, holding his heirloom katana in place. This demonic sword coupled with the scars along his body denotes his mysterious and rather brutal background.
Kamlyn is born a foreigner, likely from the Blessed Isle in origin. He and his father were members of the military caste of warriors of the Ashinamazu clan. Working alongside with his father, Kamlyn learned much of their style of swordsmanship. During his service he was trusted enough by the Ashinamazu clan to be employed as a personal house bodyguard, where he was sworn to protect Ashinamazu clan's princesses. Over the many years of watching over the young girls and many battles to bring honor to Ashinamazu, Kamlyn felt at last he had a true family.
Through unknown circumstances, a civil war broke within the Ashinamazu clan. Kamlyn's father pledged their blades to the opposite side from his former lord, under the service of a new leader, Matsumoto. This new faction of the Ashinamazu clan was fiercely zealous, as if sworn to some unbreakable oath. When the final battle ended Kamlyn was instructed by the new lord to kill the former Ashinamazu clan's princesses. After that horrible day the image of that final moment haunts him forever. Disheartened and devastated with the aftermath of that war, Kamlyn left the Ashinamazu clan shortly after and became a wanderer. The Ashinamazu clan did not last long after he left and was annexed entirely by something called the Fire Lotus Nation.
Now as a Solar Exalted in a circle of compatriots guided by Fen, he has found a new family. In a ceremony meant only to remind him a little of home, Kamlyn himself met the Unconquered Sun and finally caught his gaze as someone that the Unconquered Sun sees worthy to spread his word in this fallen world. Kamlyn now feels a greater surge of purpose, but he has a long way to go, does grief and despair keep him in the quiet role of bodyguard until fate claims him, or will he forge ahead on a path of justice and retribution, confront Matsumoto and restore freedom to his domains.


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