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A settlement with a troubled past is poised on the southern edge of the Thousand Kingdoms. Uniquely the deed to Kheseatia contains a specific measurement of associated land: “All that falls under the shadow of the Charred Chimney.” Heavy Coke is its prime export though mining and refining the substance is openly known to be extremely hazardous.

Places of Interest:

  • Black Lotus: Pub crafted by Angus McKnack that stands two stories high just within the gates of Kheseatia across from the Marketplace. It is run by a man known as Xirrysdus, the Dead, a disgraced dragon-blood captain. It is rumored to be the birthplace of the Pub Crawl a magical Lute that appears in taverns across the East exactly when it is needed.
  • Blackened Chicken: The one and only tavern of Kheseatia with an attached stable that is owned by the Wayfield family. Rumored to have once used a different moniker, the current name was adopted after it's sign was badly damaged in a fire.
  • Fox Ramen: A simple street food vendor with a theme revolving around an unknown vulpine creature. Typically operated by the Garrison cook it is only in operation when the Sun burns the sky purple for a couple hours each day. Though on occasion it is run throughout the day by apprentices.
  • Garrison: A slightly indented area directly to the west of the Manor House. Once the home to all the Guard the Garrison is used as a place of training and learning as many of the Guard maintain their own places of residences. A single building of bunks remain though are typically used for visiting armed forces.
  • Immaculate Church: A tall stone building near the center of Kheseatia. Once a center of worship for the Immaculate Order it was once desecrated and has since become a unified house of worship. Loving maintained by all who use it it is frequently spotless. Lingering signs of approval can always be seen from local gods and goddesses who are honored there.
  • Pippsie's Stage House: A rebuilt and remodeled theater that is open to all troupes. The building itself stands three stories high and has a formal area behind it to serve as camp grounds for troupes to live and pratice while they stay.
  • Marketplace: Originally a traveling a workshop from Chiaroscuro the Marketplace is now a permanent workshop and an established open air Bizarre.
  • Manor House: A sprawling single story manor with a newly added tower structure from the foyer. It is commonly known that the Manor is haunted by several spirits and protected by a dangerous elemental. Those who wish to work in the mines must seek employment at the Manor and not all return. A local bedtime story is told to Kheseatian children that if they are bad the Ghosts of the Manor will collect the debt from their souls.
  • Row Housing: Working in the mines of the Charred Chimney is a lucrative but dangerous profession. Miners are given room and board in addition to production based pay. The housing given is three bedroom homes in row houses. The streets are constantly maintained and inexplicably litter free.

Regional Events:

  • The Great Fire (RY 770): After several years of silence from Kheseatia, smoke blacked out the skies for weeks. A ship captain was discovered among the smoking remains with a mentally hindered male name Jutin. Not much is known of the fire's source beyond that the church was desecrated and the theater house was horribly damaged.
  • She Returns (RY 780): Lots of commotion and rumors of a traveling group of beings are spread and it is claimed that the “Lady of the House” had returned. These rumors where short lived but is marked by a severe revival of the population of Kheseatia the Black Lotus is built by traveling craftsman Angus McKnack under the proprietorship of disgraced dragon-blood captain Xirrysdus, the Dead. This is further marked by the erection of a single street food stand named Fox Ramen which is themed after an unknown creature that becomes a cultural phenomenon.

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